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Hacker, full stack developer, product engineer, with 15+ years of professional experience and an academic background of philosophy.

My specialty is building simple systems with few moving parts that contain as little accidental complexity as possible. I find this to be a requirement for success in today’s crazy tech ecosystem. I don’t easily buy the hype nor subscribe to every new shiny tool & paradigm. Check out below the “xp” section for my professional background, “stack” section for information on my default technology choices, and “trivia” section for more detailed & less formal information about myself.


Products listed below are initially completely developed by me, then handed off to teams I helped build; unless otherwise noted.

Note I: This section is outdated since 2021. I've been offering my services via my agency since. See lab to check it out.

Note II: The items below are far from showing my complete experience. I removed a lot of relatively insignificant ones for brevity. I'm also naturally unable to list private projects (sorry, NDAs!!).



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My technical decision making principles:

what you will get

Below are listed the tools that are part of my current stack, along with a paragraph that shortly explains the reasons they were chosen for.

A project’s stack is always tailored according to its specific needs, but below are my default choices.




I am that stereotypical know-it-all hacker who touch types in Arch Linux with the lights off, follows Suckless, has the coolest UNIX environment ever, sends encrypted email from Mutt, does in VIM in three keystrokes stuff that takes your twenty clicks and two plugin installs in VSCode, hangs out in IRC and the Gopherspace, talks about the UNIX philosophy, Plan 9, OpenBSD, advocates plain text emails, attacks ORMs, writes Webpack configs from scratch, sometimes rewrites them with Make just to fuck with fellow developers, frequently argues about naming things, proper Git messages, preaches about simplicity, orthogonality, minimalism, premature optimization, proper interfaces, dislikes Git Flow, talks about React hooks being shitty, CSS forward compatibility, aggressively removes inessential dependencies and code regularly, knows about super weird Git flags, generates flow charts from GraphViz Dot, collects weird keyboards, etc, etc.. Your typical senior opinionated web generation nerd with a command line fetish (or should I say, ergonomics?).

Good thing is that I also happen to know how to fucking ship products. My challenge has always been to combine my ultra nerdy attitude with a pragmatic approach. “worse is better”, “boring technology”, KISS, YAGNI, Pareto analysis, bla, bla. That has always been a requirement for my survival in my heavily product and startup oriented career.

More trivia:

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